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Public Rights Of Way

RPS Design have been instructed to prepare a detailed planning application for an Outdoor Arena near Chichester.

The site which is within the South Downs National Park includes a recently renovated Grade II Listed Farmhouse and is also close to numerous Public Rights of Way. RPS Design Group includes specialist teams of equine architects and planners who have a proven track record when it comes to obtaining approval on difficult sites. For more information please see our website.

In most instances we would suggest that new facilities are sited to avoid impacting on PROW’s but on some sites this is simply not an option. PROW’s come under County Council jurisdiction as opposed to local authority, this means any works including diversion, permanent or temporary closure of PROW’s will be subject to a separate application to the County Council. The timescales for these applications can be up to six months which is reason enough to try and avoid impacting on public footpaths.

Where works to a PROW are required it will be a matter of applying for a diversion order from the County Council, this is a similar process to a detailed planning application and will involve public notices being displayed and public consultation being undertaken before any diversion order can be granted. Once approved it will be necessary to undertake works to the PROW in advance of carrying out any works on the main project. In the case of this particular project that meant creating a new PROW, closing off the existing PROW before construction could begin on the new outdoor arena.

If you would like advice on how to approach applications involving works to public footpaths speak to one of our team.



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