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Making The Most Out Of Outbuildings

For country-house buyers, outbuildings with the potential for conversion are increasingly becoming an essential requirement and part of a deal when buying.

Converting your outbuildings into a money-spinning project is an attractive opportunity for many - with the premises already in place, a bit of decorating and a splash of paint can mean you are up and running bringing in some extra income.

In some cases, people can use and change outbuildings without the need for planning permission - this is called "permitted development". This is normally when you are using it for domestic purposes and/or the material use of the building will not change. However, sometimes this right has been used up or taken away. So, you will need to check with your local planning department before starting any work. If you have permitted development rights, there are still limits to what you can do (for example the size, height and where it can be located)

If you want to change your outbuilding in to something completely different things start to become a bit more complicated. If the use will materially change the overall way in which you use your home. You should speak to the Planning Department and if you are thinking about a new use which is clearly not for domestic purposes connected with your house or if it is to be used for any form of sleeping accommodation.

The rule of thumb with any new building or outbuilding is to always check first with the planning department. This can save you a lot of hassle in the long-term. It has been known on many occasions whereby buildings have to be taken down after they have been built due to not having the correct permissions.

If you go through all the relevant steps the rewards can be plentiful and there are many options that you can use your outbuildings for.

Examples could include:

· Camping Barns

· Holiday Lets

· Entertainment Space

· Swimming Pool

· Storage Units

· Offices

The possibilities are endless. If you would like further expert advice in guidance to help convert your outbuilding. Please get in touch RPS Design Group offer clients a comprehensive design and planning service from concept through to on site project management. Our expertise is in unlocking the countryside’s potential, designing viable projects that offer you the very best chance of a successful planning outcome and ultimately adding value to your land and property.


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