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Glamping, Camping & Garden Pods

RPS Design Group have recently been instructed to undertake the necessary design work associated with the positioning of ten new cedar clad glamping pods together with associated car parking, vehicle access, children’s play area & a campfire zone.

Planning legislation differs depending on the use of the pods and if the site in question has specific planning restrictions. It is also important to consider the following when installing pods.

What at the pods to be used for, are they to be:

  • Non-permanent structures permanent structures?

  • Used as part of a camping and caravan site business?

  • Used as a private garden room?

For Camping Pods:

Camping pods (if part of an existing set up that has the correct camping and caravan licences) fall under the same planning classification as a caravan i.e. capable of being moved. New campsite set ups or business start-ups will likely require a change of use of the land they are sited on and thus will require planning permission.

For private use Garden Pods:

Outbuildings within the curtilage of a domestic dwelling and that are to be used 'to enhance the enjoyment of the dwelling' usually fall under permitted development, meaning that planning is not required. The pod can be used as a garden office, playroom, music room, summer house, store etc. Pods will have to meet the necessary guidance outlined by the local planning authority to satisfy permitted development. Using the pod as an additional bedroom to the dwelling is not classed as ‘a use to enhance the enjoyment of the dwelling and therefore planning will be required.

We always recommend contacting us first to discuss any concerns you have or to talk about your proposal with the local planning authority to check your specific site restrictions.

If you are thinking of undertaking a similar project, we’d love to hear from you.


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