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Taking Advantage Of The 'Staycation'

The number of people choosing to go on holiday within the UK is rising year on year, and this is fantastic news for local economies, and rural land owners. After all, if more people are to holiday here, that means more customers for staycation sites. And, here at RPS Design Group, we have produced this helpful guide, to help you get started in the staycation business.

Staycation options

First of all, there are a range of options open for rural land owners when it comes to developing their land for holiday sites. These options include:

  • Camping and caravanning

  • Glamping or yurts

  • Holiday lodges or cabins

  • Holiday cottages

From cheaper camping and caravanning holidays that are almost always popular, to high end holiday cottages, your options are wide open. However, there are some factors that will influence your decision. These include:

  • The amount of land available: If you have a lot of land, then camping, caravanning, glamping, or holiday lodges might be perfect for you. This is because a holiday site will obviously take up a lot of space. If there is little to no land space, you might want to convert a building instead, creating a holiday cottage.

  • The buildings available: If you have a good size agricultural building available, you may be able to convert this to a holiday cottage. However, it is worth noting that for camping, caravanning and other holiday sites, buildings will also be necessary. Public toilets, showers and other communal facilities will all need planning permission.

  • Electricity and water needs: Spreading your electricity and water lines to each pitch is necessary for a holiday site with caravans and lodges. However, it is less of an issue for camping or glamping, as many of these sites do not offer water and electricity.

Planning permission: Navigating planning permission can be a challenge. Why not ask the experts to help?

Get in touch today, with the professionals here at RPS Design Group


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