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Top Tips For Rural Diversification

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

Recently more and more farmers are considering the idea of rural diversification. However, such a move can require some investment and it can be a challenging, but if done correctly you can see healthy profits in return. Here are a few tips for developing your land

Be Creative

If you have decided that you want to diversify then you have started an exciting journey and have already taken a big step. There are many farms out there that will have the same idea as you. Try to be innovative and consider ideas that will make you stand out from the crowd. However, you don’t have to start completely from scratch.Can you extend what you already do? You have some great customers – what else could you sell to them?


By recognising your target customer or audience and working towards meeting their needs you will be making more informed decisions about your business. When you have decided on the type of business you want, you need to know your market and be confident you will attract enough trade to make your business profitable. Consider how best to use the land, any competition, how far people are willing to travel and what attractions or leisure activities people will be interested in visiting.

Set Objectives

The journey of diversification can be long, so set yourself some goals and objectives along the way. When you reach one goal set another and the process will be made a lot easier, and you will not be taking too much on at any one time. Write out each step of the production process, or (for a service) each step of the customer journey from enquiry to completion and payment.

Get Expert Advice

With just a few tips on informed thinking and investing in tried and tested methods, diversification can deliver far greater returns in the long term. RPS Design Group offer clients a comprehensive design and planning service from concept through to on site project management. We have expertise is in unlocking the countryside’s potential, designing viable projects that offer you the very best chance of a successful planning outcome and ultimately adding value to your land and property. We have an unrivaled level of experience and can manage your entire project, leaving you with time to consider your farm diversification goals, barn conversion, new rural building or whatever your rural construction project might be.


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