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Planning Approved: Residential Accommodation

RPS Design Group have recently obtained planning approval for conversion of a timber stable block to residential accommodation. This is a significant win for the planning team and open up similar development opportunities for other stable yards across the UK. The site in question lies within the Greenbelt and is subject to strict planning policy aimed at restricting residential development. The landmark decision which was won at appeal will offer precedent for stable yard owners wishing to obtaining approval for Trainers or Grooms accommodation.

RPS Design Group brings together experts in the field of architecture, planning and 3D visualisation. We are a unique collective with a broad skill set delivering high quality projects throughout the UK. Our collaborative team spirit and cross-discipline thinking underpins our approach to design. Together we are problem solvers and place makers.

If you need guidance with a project whether small or large we can help. Please get in touch if you would like assistance.

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